Tri-M Music Honor Society

Virtual Classroom TRI_M 2020-2021

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an NAfME program that recognizes outstanding music students in secondary level school. Tri-M activities increase students’ school and community involvement with music. Tri-M members are selected based on their academic and musical achievement as well as on their strength of character. Chapters invite qualified students from any organized music ensemble or class in their school to join this international music honor society. Chapter members regularly get involved with community-service activities and music-enrichment events, nurturing a more cohesive, broad, and unified music program. Rewards for the activity include scholarships and awards that are available through the Tri-M awards program.
Mrs. Seredy M. Williams


2020-2021 Officers:
  • President- Carolyn Stadnyk

  • Vice-President- Olivia Chavez

  • Secretary- Joan Hitt

  • Treasurer- Evelyn Perez

  • Historian- Karissa Lara

Chapter 6807 Resources:

2020-2021 Lifetime Honorary Member- Mrs. Julia Bray

2019-2020 Lifetime Honorary Member- Mr. Dan Chase

2018-2019 Lifetime Honorary Member- Miss Amanda Baker

2017-2018 Lifetime Honorary Member- Mrs. O'Dea

2016 -2017 Lifetime Honorary Members Dr. Kingsfield and Mrs. Brown

2015-2016 Lifetime Honorary Member-
Mrs. Rieger

2014-2015 Lifetime Honorary Member-
Mr. George


Meetings for Tri-M Chapter 6807 are mandatory (at least 30 minutes) and  held in the choir room (900) school (3:25) the second Wednesday of each month. (with a few exceptions)

All meetings are important and mandatory . If more than 2 meetings are missed ( *for any reason)membership is revoked.

Meetings this year (2019-2020):

-All application materials Due Wednesday September 2nd -

September 9th- 1st Meeting- WELCOME TO TRI-M MUSIC HONOR SOCIETY!

Design/Discuss T-shirts

October 14th-  2nd Meeting Discuss Fall Fundraisers & Budget

November 11th- Informal Induction Ceremony

December 7th*- Check of current & cumulative grades & FALL Service requirements due -Give a note of thanks 

**Check out our 2020 informal induction HERE:



January 13th- Establish Spring Fundraisers
February 10th - 
Your membership will be acknowledged at the combined concert 
March 10th  - Start accepting nominees for officers
Music in our Schools Month activities
April 12th*- Vote for Officers for next year
May 3rd* -last meeting for seniors
Check of current & cumulative grades & SPRING Service requirements due

May 11th- Music Department Awards Night (Formal induction certificates of membership presented)

- A record of member's attendance is kept here

* all meetings are on the Fenton Choir Calendar*

Meeting Agenda's located:

2020-2021 Meetings Here

2019-2020 Meetings Here

2018-2019 Meetings Here

2017-2018 Meetings here

2016-2017 Meetings here

2015-2016 Meetings here

2014-2015 Meetings here

Spring 2014 Meetings here

Tri-M 6807

Tri-M at Fenton:

Our Goals:

To provide students who are highly involved in the Fenton HS Music Department leadership, performance, and volunteer opportunities in the school and community. 

Tri-M Music Honors Society stands for Modern Music Masters.  Our goal through Tri-M is to recognize those students who have excelled at music, and to help bring music to the community. We recognize students by accepting them into the society, and we share music with the community by bringing together all of the members of Tri-M to organize music-related events. We plan to help the community by various service projects

Candidate Criteria:

Music Participation – Enrolled in a school-sponsored music ensemble and/or class for at least two semesters.

 Academic Achievement – At least a 3.0 average in music courses as well as  in other academic subjects.

 Character Strength and Service – Demonstrate leadership, service, and character in all activities.


Tri-M Music Honor Society

Thank you 2019 Seniors